Row Cypher Institute is an 8-week leadership development program that empowers young professionals in performing arts management, Live entertainment events, and social entrepreneurship. Participants gain real Chicago-based creative, management, and production skills and experience through a project-based workshop series led by a board of diverse entrepreneurs and creative’s. Meeting 2.5 hours once a week for 8 weeks in down town Chicago. As a capstone achievement, each cohort produces a high quality performing arts showcase, highlighting their increased capacity as community-based arts leaders and social change agents.

Row Cypher Institute Experience

  • 8 weeks of workshops
  • 2.5 hours a week
  • located in Chicago’s Downtown Loop
  • 20 students from various backgrounds
  • 2 Row Cypher Institute Facilitators
  • Between 4 and 8 Master Course Teachers
  • Final show or production for the Chicago community showcasing what students have learned

What Students Gain Through The Institute

  • Introduction to creative writing
  • Strong more confident stage presence and performance
  • Hands-on experience in event planning and management
  • mentorship from professionals
  • The basics of the music business industry
  • Branding and promotion experience
  • Confidence to create social change in their neighborhoods
  • network that will support long after the completion of the institute